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Selling to K12 doesn't have to be so hard.

Consider the time and financial costs that come with outreach to K-12 educators. How many calls go straight to voicemail? How many emails go unanswered? What is the cost of qualified leads through conferences? How do you maximize your margins?

It's hard to get (and keep) traction in K-12, because the marketplace is crowded and solicitation processes are drawn-out and complicated. ProcureK12 by Noodle Markets remains school purchasing by delivering free warm leads and sales to vendors, while taking the lowest referral commission in the industry.


Don't Take Our Word for It.


It's always a joy to receive an email notification from a district inviting us to a solicitation on Noodle Markets. This is essentially a bonus lead finder that is totally free to us. It doesn't get any better than that.

Walter Duncan

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When a K-12 company is breaking new ground, it can be challenging to get discovered by district leaders. The ability to build out our free profile in Noodle Markets and respond to quote requests, RFLs, and RFPs in the platform is a great help in our efforts.

Henry Wellington



With Noodle Markets, there's no dragging out of may time or the educator's attention. Our contact back and forth is more intentional. I'm seeing opportunities that are approachable and immediate.

Colette Coleman

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Pricing Info

Pricing for ProcureK12 Free Free.
(Enterprise educator customer pays)
1.5% commission +
CC fees (on completed transactions)
2% commission
(on quote requests won)
Features for vendors
User accounts for multiple users in organization Available Available Available Available
Online and phone support for navigation and usage Available Available Available Available
Catalog of Vendors & Products
Vendor profile to market company, products, k12 Experience Available Available Available Available
NM eComm Marketplace
Product ingestion into ProcureK12 marketplace Available Available
Purchasing of vendor products on K12 marketplace with electronic orders via credit card or PO Available Available
Pre-qualified customers for PO ordering Available Available
Punch out capability for ordering on vendor website Available Available
Punch Out To Vendor
Setup of National Punch out (Contract w/Procure12) Available Available
Setup of negotiated contracts/ business accounts (Contract with school/district) Available Available
Solicitation Tools (Quote Request)
Access to search quote requests and solicitations in your category Available
Q&A module to communicate directly to customers regarding solicitations Available
Invitations from educators to respond to quote requests through platform Available
Sales initiating from educator quote requests through ProcureK12 platform Available
RFx Tools
Electronic submission of RFIs/ RFPs through ProcureK12 platform Available
Sales initiating from educator RFIs/RFPs through ProcureK12 tools Available
Invitations from educators to respond to RFPs/RFIs through platform Available

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